MuscleTech Essential Series

All-New MuscleTech Essential Series Delivers Everything You Want, Only Better

MuscleTech®; the most trusted brand in Sports Nutrition announces a powerful new line of supplements called the Essential Series. The expert research team behind MuscleTech that has brought you years of scientific innovations has once again delivered a research-based line of products that will help active individuals at all levels reach their goals. The MuscleTech Essential Series makes it easy for you to personalise and enhance your existing supplementation with scientifically validated solo ingredient-based formulas. This new line has raised the bar for what it means to be best-in-class.

“We spared no expense when developing the MuscleTech Essential Series” said Vito Sanzone, Chief Marketing Officer for MuscleTech. “This line is powered by scientifically validated ingredients that have been scrutinised beyond measure and will help serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts in every pursuit personalise their supplement regimen to reach their goals in a cost effective manner.”