Rich Gaspari – Life Time Award

Rich Gaspari Receives 2013 Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award

Gaspari, who won the inaugural Arnold Classic in 1989, was honoured with the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award during the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Gaspari Nutrition, a globally distributed sport nutrition company, is proud to announce that CEO and IFBB Hall of Famer Rich Gaspari was honoured with the 2013 Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement award. The Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2000 to honour the industry’s legends for their contributions to the world of health and fitness. Previous winners include: Joe Weider (2000), Reg Park (2001), Jim Lorimer (2002), Frank Zane (2003), Bill Pearl (2004), Jack LaLanne (2005), Lee Haney (2006), Cory Everson (2007), Ben Weider (2008), Franco Columbu (2009), Sylvester Stallone (2010), Lou Ferrigno (2011) and Robert Kennedy (2012). Gaspari joins an elite class of men and women who have helped establish a fitness lifestyle into the daily routines for millions of fitness enthusiasts.

“I am truly humbled with this announcement and never would have imagined 25 years ago that I’d be honoured with such an award. I’ve always admired Arnold Schwarzenegger for his contributions to fitness in America, so being presented with this award by him is a dream come true” said CEO Rich Gaspari.

Rich Gaspari has received numerous accolades for his bodybuilding achievements including Mr. Universe, Mr. America, as well as placing 2nd three times in the Mr. Olympia. Off the stage Gaspari was awarded the Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement award in 2009 for his contributions to the fitness industry.

Gaspari has always been a staunch supporter of numerous IFBB and NPC fitness and physique events. He’s also supported numerous athletes over the years including amateur and professional fitness competitors, bodybuilders, endurance athletes, mixed martial artists and traditional martial artists. Much of this support was under the umbrella of his world famous Gaspari Nutrition sports nutrition brand, which has seen rapid growth over the past decade. With hard work and unwavering dedication, Gaspari has made a successful transition from competitive bodybuilder to world famous CEO.